Events-hub renews the way of approaching an online event. Shake up formats, allow real interactions, promote networking and involve participants in a proactive manner, by mixing live, delayed, face-to-face and remote.

Our mission is to reinvent the event online and live to make it accessible, interactive and relevant.

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Nothing beats a demo. While waiting to define your needs; here are some advantages of the Events-Hub platform

Multi Live video streams (multi rooms)
Do you have your own streaming servers? Easily integrate your flows into the Events-Hub platform. This is not the case? EH provides you with accommodation and adapts its offer according to the number of registered participants
Management of attendees, speakers, moderators, press, guests and many more
Define different roles for participants; distribute permissions and personalized access for everyone
Monetization of your event
Free or paid access to all of your content? Tailor-made pricing for each session, for each type of participant? Define the business model of your event!
Networking tools
Because an event, even a virtual one, is always a place for discussions and meetings. Interact instantly with other participants online thanks to the various networking tools: business card exchanges, chat, 1to1 video
Organize your programme, your favorite sessions and follow their evolution in real time
Whatever the number of rooms or simultaneous sessions, plan your tailor-made program
Extend your event over time by uploading recorded sessions immediately after the live
Never miss a thing thanks to the VOD available after the sessions
Support throughout the duration of your project
Our team supports you during the production and streaming of your event. You know; real people! Events-hub is not just a platform where you have to fend for yourself. Our teams support each project. It's like that. No choice
Virtual workshops
Plan working sessions in small groups, according to themes, objectives that you will have defined in advance. Place the right speakers in the right sessions and move your projects forward
Press rooms
Organize specific interactive meetings for the press or partners. In a public or confidential manner. These live press sessions are completely independent of the other sessions
Push notifications
Like a scrolling banner or via our notification system, your attendees don’t waste a second to be informed of an important news, a modification of the program or an instant networking request with another participant
Advanced statistics
Find in real time, thanks to your dashboard, all the figures to assess your audience and the successes of interactions in terms of exchanges and networking
Tools for registering and relaunching your audience
Create invitation forms, revive your audience with massive emails, monitor reactions and registrations in real time, collect information about participants and improve the quality of your audience!
BBESpaceConf 2021

#BBESpaceConf 2021

In addition to its platform, Learnence is proud to have provided the streaming, recording and video production of the 13th European Space Conference in January 2021:. Thank you to our partners for their trust and this pleasant and efficient collaboration: Gsp2, and of course: Business Bridge Europe. #BBESpaceConf 2021.

Sessions over 3 studios
Virtual networking exchange

How to understand a hybrid / virtual event?

Think of a virtual event does not deprive you of scripting it, of thinking about a concept, a process and a logic of participation for the participants! Here are some thoughts that will allow you to ask yourself the essential questions before embarking on the design of your event.

Get out of the preconceptions of organizing an event! One day / one place / one audience... Your audience is now everywhere on the globe and available at all times... but not all the time!

It is therefore essential to change your approach to organizing an event.

1. Keep participants long!

Why limit your event to a limited number of days, as you did before? Why force them to endure whole days remotely in front of their screen?

  • Offer them to connect before your lives! Several days or several weeks in advance! In this way, they will be able to discover, at their own pace, media, global information, as a premise for your live content!
  • Spread your lives over several days or several weeks. Build loyalty in your community through one-off or regular Live meetings. Your audience will certainly be more available regularly for an hour or two than for 8 hours at a stretch, alone in front of a screen!
  • Keep the content recorded during your live available and make it freely accessible to all your participants. In this way, everyone will be able to (re) experience the exchanges at their own pace!

2. Engage your audience!

  • Create polls, forms, votes before your Live. They will fuel debates and lives and enrich your content.
  • Continue in this way by offering votes, Q&A, chat to your users during lives
  • Create discussion areas on specific themes
  • Bring in remote speakers during your live: give voice to your audience

3. Live? Yes.. but not only!

Why do you want to do everything live? Why not create content ahead of time and devote your energy to live broadcasting, only what requires real interactions, real exchange?

Streamline recording sessions ahead of time, post them on a thoughtful schedule that takes into account the time it takes for participants to absorb, process, and come back to the information with more relevance.

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Judith Black

CEO at PureInsights

One source for unlimited resources Eventshub is not just a web platform!

events-Hub is part of the Learnence Group and can therefore provide you with a range of related services: live streaming hosting, broadcast quality video production equipment (cameras, control room, cranes, sound recording), specialized teams, production as well as graphic research or video pre-production: credits, jingles, interviews, reports, custom graphics, etc.

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